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Meet Audrey Crum, Jr Project Manager of tech at Tough Mudder

What are your typical responsibilities?

At Tough Mudder, my primary responsibility is to manage the workflow of tasks flowing into the Technology Team. I work with developers and stakeholders to turn ideas into fully developed digital products. I also help to aggregate and analyze data reports for other teams, which they use to better understand our customers and markets.

How did you become interested in a STEM profession? 

I began working in print publishing, and fell in love with the innovation and opportunities in their digital team. They were always working on the most interesting and game-changing products.

What or whom were you early influences?

My first manager on the digital publishing team - she was such a badass, and pushed me into the role I have now. Having a female manager or role model in a technical field is hugely important.

What advice would you offer for students to cultivate an interest in STEM and prepare themselves for a potential future career in a STEM field?

Don't be afraid to speak up if you think you're right. Believe in your own abilities and never give up

How can a profession in a STEM field empower young women to make a difference in the world?

For every woman that enters STEM, we chip away at the idea that certain career paths can only, or should only, be pursued by men.