Meet Amy Calderon Bauman, Chemical Engineer - Safety, Security, Health & Environmental Manager at ExxonMobil

What are your typical responsibilities? 

My responsibilities include supporting the manufacturing of several products by providing safety, security, health & environmental systems and processes. Science, technology, engineering & math are a constant every day I go to work. I need to find solutions to issues and I draw upon my engineering education and experience. In addition, each year my company hosts an annual "Introduce a Girl to Engineering" day. We talk about STEM and host several activities to encourage students to pursue careers in engineering. It is a lot of fun!

How did you become interested in a STEM profession? 

Ever since I was a young girl I always found math and science fun. I recall a science project in seventh grade where I was required to look at the environmental regulatory requirements of manufacturing across several states. At that time I knew I needed to pursue a field where I could use my love of math and science to bring much needed products into the world safely and in an environmentally responsible manner. Sustainability is a core value of mine.

What or whom were you early influences?

I come from a family of engineers. My grandfather, uncles, and brother are all engineers. My grandfather was a Type 1 diabetic and lost his eye sight due to the disease, but his engineering skills were always sharp. I remember one day when I was about 5 years old helping him take apart a refrigerator and putting it back together. Even though I was only 5, he would explain pieces and parts to me and I could be his eyes. Once the refrigerator was back together and successfully working, I felt proud of the accomplishment. I knew I wanted to have that feeling again...that sense of accomplishment. It is what motivated me to continue to be curious about how things work and eventually lead me into the field of engineering.

What advice would you offer for students to cultivate an interest in STEM and prepare themselves for a potential future career in a STEM field?

Be curious! There are so many interesting areas that involve STEM today. Get involved, meet people, ask questions and find your passion.

How can a profession in a STEM field empower young women to make a difference in the world?

Your opinion matters. High performing teams and successful companies count on inclusion and diversity to see issues and solutions through different lenses. Now is the time for young woman to get engaged and make a difference in the world. STEM fields are key to our future. I encourage you to do your part.